Level 1

Credit score



The finance guy who gave me such good advice was at a VW dealership where I had -had huge problems of involving a lack of integrity on their part. I had to file a complaint with the BBB and they were VERY eager to make me happy after that which COULD have played into the extra helpfulness. Also, the guy was young, enthusiastic and had fairly recently graduated from college so he was very idealistic, high energy and seemed to genuinely enjoy educating people. 


My credit score prior to that wasn't bad as I recall, it just wasn't good and wasn't moving upward no matter how well I paid my bills on time over the years. That's what made me really listen to him when he shared his advice. I knew there must be tricks that would move the needle up on my credit score and it worked in my case. I recently checked and one score in particular was quite high while the other two seemed very good too. I dont have numbers off the top of my head. 


The impact on my life so far hasn't been huge yet. That dealership gave me a 1% loan on my car even with just decent credit which surprised me. The benefit of that loan was its obvious low cost while allowing me to stay more liquid and continue to build better credit via over -payents paid on time. 


In the future, I am thinking about buying a house or condo and I suppose thats where the real savings could come into play. I did apply for a mortgage  pre-approval and was given a loan amount that I think is semi-insane , and not quite at the lowest interest rate I was hoping to get, so maybe I have a little more work to do in my credit building. 


Also, its nice to know that future employers who may check my credit will not be ruled out.