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I have not seen it, but this features definitely sounds intriguing.  I can think of a few ways this tool might be useful to my husband and me, but I would have to test it out. Please clarify if the tool is located in the Turbo app for iPhone only...


Tip: If you want to do some "passive" marketing for the launch of this tool,  I encourage you to provide a hyperlink for the site/web page containing a brief overview where users can learn more and/or a direct link to the app in the app store (assuming the feature is on an app, pending your clarification). 


Also, I am a registered user of TurboTax online since 2016 and do not recall receiving promotional emails, push notifications or announcements in my account's message box.  HUGE missed opportunity if the intent is to garner more interest.


Lastly, it behooves Turbo to expand this features to be compatible with most Android devices, for people such as myself who are not tethered to Apple products. 😉  It is not uncommon for developers to create tools exclusively for Apple users, and if that is the case and point here then when the update roll outs to enable Android compatibility, the distinction for Apple can be achieved by allowing iPhone users a few extra bells and whistles in the features and within the GUI (how & what the users see and navigation options).