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Credit score

For someone who’s score was around the 600s less than 7 years ago, I’m now around 810. Don’t have a mortgage and never had an installment plan.

My question to you is how many cards do you have?? What is your credit/debt ratio?? Do you have any hard inquiries??

Aged of the credit history is a factor but I believe that your credit/debt ratio is more important. Considering you’re still fairly young you can afford getting a couple more credit cards and build the history. But then that’s also come to the question of how many do you have now?? Having 3-4 is enough. Make sure you have variety ex: visa, MasterCard, American Express.

If you already have a few credit cards then consider increasing your limit.
Have you tried increasing your credit line each year? Keep in mind of your annual income. So don’t ask for too much.

Now for hard inquiries. Do you currently have any? Hard inquiries stay on your record for at least 2 years. So if you have any at the moment, your score won’t increase much till it drop off. Having 2 hard inquiries won’t make too much damage but anything more than that can.

As for your future kid, 18 is just fine to start off at. Adding them as an authorized user will not do anything for their credit since they are using your credit not theirs. Now when your child is 18, you can be a co-owner with them to help get their credit started.