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Credit score

Hello, I am currently 25 years old. Since I was 21 to now, I have been stuck anywhere from the high 760's to the middle 780's on my credit score. I have had perfect on time payments, two auto plains paid off (no current auto loan), and very low credit utilization. The only two areas I am not excellent in are age of credit and amounts of credit.

The issue with those two being my point that need work is that they directly contradict each other. If I get a new card or loan, my average credit age suffers. If I do not get a new card or loan, my amount of types of credit does not improve. I am also aware that asking for too much credit in a short time span plays against me as well.

What would be your advise to break an 800 credit score to someone in my position. Also, if I have children in the future, would you recommend making them authorized users to my cards at 13 to give them a massive jump start on average credit age?