Re: How to Raise Your Credit Score
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Credit score

Try a secured credit card with your local credit union or bank.  Credit Unions have the lowest rates.  You also need a mixture of credit (ie:  installment credit and revolving credit).  May I suggest getting a secured loan with your credit union first and after 6 months, try the credit card.  Get the loan for at least one to two years payback.  If you can, do a $1,000 limit on a credit card.  Though $!000 is a low limit, I wouldn't begin with under $1000.  You have to stay below 30% of your limit to maintain your credit rating.  The lower limits can hurt your credit.  Also, when you pay off a loan, it affects your score.  It can drop 40 points, on Equifax, which I think is utterly ridiculous. 

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