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Ckt says i dont have a credit score, yet turbo tax says i do. Ckt also says i dont have any credit card debt (which i do, i just got the card and spent some money) and turbo taxs shows the credit card debt....how does this work?
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Ckt??? What's that???

There are three major credit reporting agencies in the US. Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. If you check each one individually, it would be of no surprise to find they are not identical. Not everyone uses all three agencies, and for those that only use one agency, they don't all use the same one. So if TurboTax is only using one (No clue which one) and you're using some other service that uses another agency, I would be shocked myself, if both credit reports actually matched. Not all of your creditors report your payment/credit history with them, to all three agencies.

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Turbo uses Transunion, I’ve seen their logo in the app.

As for why it’s different, probably the other service you are using is using a different credit reporting company, and what sounds like your new credit card hasn’t been reported there yet.

I bet they will become similar or the same in a few more weeks?