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Credit score

I have one credit card - A Capital One secured card - the first credit card I've had in over 20 years. It's a secured card that started with a $200 credit limit and has since risen to $500.  I always pay not only on time, but well ahead of time and usually pay either most of the balance or the entire balance off every month. Additionally, I don't use it that much. I'm used to living within my means so I keep it mainly for big stuff or minor emergencies, like Dr. visit or vet visit for my pets. 


Well, over the holidays I used it more than usual to buy a few gifts. I didn't max it out, but I did get close.  So my score, which was already only in the mid-600's suddenly dropped 77 points!   And before the holidays were over, I made a $100 payment on the card and it's still low! 


The whole point of getting this stupid card in the first place was to raise my credit score and because lenders kept saying, "you don't have any revolving credit." Well, now I do. I handle it VERY responsibly and I get dinged for it!  It's a no win situation, if you ask me and I've given up even trying to deal with it. 

I pay all my other major bills on time as well, mortgage, car, insurance, etc.  


This card is actually doing my credit score more harm than good. When I bought my house 10 years ago, with no credit card, I had a credit score in the 700's...during the housing crash. 


I'm just going to pay the card off and then cut it up and throw it away.  It's not worth the hassle and it hasn't done one thing to improve my credit score regardless of how responsible I've been with it. I'm better off with a savings account for emergencies.