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Thanks for your reply, dmertz.  

I was trying to figure this out and I would like to call a tax expert at TT like I did last year, but I don't see any way to do that this year.  I don't understand this new "community" system, but I appreciate your help.


The larger IRA is actually a pair of IRAs that are "roll-over IRAs" that were originally 401 and a 403 retirement accounts.  After I retired, Vanguard advised me to roll them each into IRAs, in preparation for incrementally converting them into Roth IRAs.

So, I was trying to figure out if these are among the "Traditional, Simple," etc., IRAs that needed to be included in the answer to that question.

Help?  Thanks!

(It would be nice if TT had one of its tutorial links on this page to explain what it is doing with this question and explained these points.)

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