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Retirement tax questions

@ari444 wrote:


My bank refuses to send me a 1099-R for 2018 even though the rollover was done on Dec. 28 2018.  

What was done on Dec. 28, 2018?    Is that when you deposited the check form the 401(k) plan made out to your IRA in the bank or is that when you instructed the 401(k) plan trustee to make the transfer to the bank?


Your bank does not send the 1099-R that is sent by the 401(k) plan trustee.  


If you took the rollover distribution form the 401(k) in 2018 then you should have received a 1099-R form from the 401(k) plan trustee no later then Jan 31, 2019.  If you did not receive it then contact the 401(k) plan trustee.



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