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Retirement tax questions

I did not know that i have to file form 8606 when i make non deductible contribution in 1994 and 95 ( total $4000). I did not contribute any more since then.

However in 2017, I was advised to file form 8606 year 2017 to report the the prior basis ($4000 ) since i never did before.

First I understand now that I have to file 2 correct year 8606 ( 94 and 95) , but still unclear if i need to send along with 1040X year 94 and 95 to amend the mistake.


Second,  do I make a mistake again by sending the 2017 year 8606 to report the previous basis? 

If so how do I correct my second mistake? 

Do I need to send 1040X year 2017 stating in part iii " error in reporting 8606 form". 

Or should I just send the  8606 year 94 and 95 and leave the 2017 tax form as is?


Third, how should i send all those forms, mail all in one envelop or mail them separately

Thanks to you all!