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Should I add treasury benefit payment offset, garnishment and/or tax levy garnishment/social security on SSA-1099 to tax withheld?

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Retirement tax questions

If it would stay there long enough to read it.  The answer seems to be no.

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Retirement tax questions

No a garnishment is not the same as tax withheld.  Tax withheld is in box 6 and is for current years Federal Income  taxes with held for 2017 tax liability

A description of an amount in Box 3 includes a garnishment or Levy

A garnishment or levy is for overdue federal taxes, or other specific over due debts. Per the Social Security Administration:Treasury benefit payment offset, garnishment, and/or tax levy – If we show an amount in this legend, either the Treasury Department applied that amount to a debt or debts owed to other Federal agencies; benefits were withheld to pay child support, alimony, or court ordered victim restitution; and/or benefits were withheld to pay debts to the IRS . Direct inquiries about what type of offset is involved to SSA at 1-800-772-1213. Direct questions related to federal taxes to the IRS at 1-800-829-7650.  

Or see this website. SSA-1099 Garnishment.