Some things you can do are: Register for an accou...
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Retirement tax questions

Some things you can do are:

Register for an account at social security for each person whose ssn was lost, to keep someone else from registering you.  Likewise register for accounts at the IRS web site.  

Lock or freeze your credit reports.  This will prevent anyone from opening accounts (including you, but you can temporarily unlock your reports to apply for new credit.  A “freeze” is a federally regulated procedure but the big 3 now allow you to do a “lock/unlock” for free, although they will try to sell you credit monitoring.  

See if any of your credit cards give you a credit score or credit reports as a card member benefit.  Consider signing up for a free credit monitoring service like Turbo or Credit Karma (they will use your info to market to you) or possibly enroll in a paid service that might not market to you.
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