I think I got it now. 1.  I do not file anything w...
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Retirement tax questions

I think I got it now.
1.  I do not file anything with my father's taxes for the missed RMD for 2015.  I do not file the form 5329 with his taxes at all.
2.  I will take the 2015 RMD in 2016, paid to myself.
3.  I will NOT claim the money I received in 2016 from the RMD on my 2015 tax return
4.  I will however file the form 5329 with my 2015 tax return even though I did not get the RMD until 2016
5.  I will not claim the income until I file my 2016 tax return next year when I receive an actual 1099 form
6.  I will not file an additional form 5329 next year because I already filed it this year with my 2015 return
8.  I will mail in everything instead of e-filing and will not have have to do anything with this next year except claim the income from the 2015 RMD on my 2016 return because I received it late.
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