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Retirement tax questions

early distribution exceptions for ROTH IRA not on my 1099-R. The distribution was 7 years after the last contribution. 1099 has "J" and taxable amount not determined box is checked.

When I enter the information as it is in the 1099-R, my refund drops by more than $1600.00. It's a Fidelity Destiny II-0 plan. The institution that provided the 1099 was UMB BANK NA. It appears they are seriously under/not trained properly. My wife called them no less than 5 times, and only one of them actually gave an useful info, the others simply said "talk to a CPA", but when the transaction was in progress, they told my wife that there would be not penalties (because of the timing exception) and shouldn't be any tax, as it is from a ROTH IRA, but they didn't provide an exception code on the 1099-R. The distribution code is "J" and "taxable amount not determined" box is checked.

How do I deal with this in TurboTax Premier?