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Retirement tax questions

@dmertz I had two 401(k) accounts A and B from two companies and no IRA account on 1/1/2017.  Later in February the RMD distributions occurred on both 401(k) accounts.  Then 401(k) B rolled  over to a traditional IRA in May.  To use your method above which had an example of $190,000 2017 year-end balance, do I use 12/31/2017 balance of 401(k) A, and use 12/31/2017 balance of traditional IRA (which came from 401(k) B rollover)?  

And are there any other things I need to know to correctly report tax?  

I thought my basis in nondeductible traditional IRA contributions should not change after the above rollover.  I thought the total of such contributions should still be a simple mathematical addition, i.e. adding up the amount in each past year's 8606 forms.  is this not correct?  Thank you.