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Retirement tax questions

Yes. That sounds correct. What is on your 2016 8606 line 1? Zero? What about line 2? Zero?

If zero then you paid included too much income for the conversion. Check your conversion year (2016) 8606 part III, line 16 to see if you missed the 2015 contribution basis). In that case I would suggest you amend your 2015 to include the 8606 and amend your 2016 to include the basis carryover (e.g. the right value for 8606 line 1).

But first make sure that gets you a refund for the amended 2016 return (more income does not always result in more tax, it depends amounts, AMT, capital gains vs ordinary income etc.) If not don't bother (assuming you converted all of the your trad ira's and therefore trad ira basis going forward isn't an issue).

It sounds like you understand what is going on here.
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