What is basis as of 12/31/prior year if new tradit...
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What is basis as of 12/31/prior year if new traditional IRA was set up and funded with non-deductible contributions (back-door Roth) in the following year?

Had not had a traditional IRA until establishing one in early 2016 to fund as a 2015 IRA that would be converted to Roth upon funds arriving into account.  MAGI too high to qualify for deductible IRA or direct Roth contributions in 2015 and subsequent years.

Received 1099-Rs for 2016 for those funds and 2016 contributions.  Did not file an 8606 in 2015 (mistake on my part?) but did in 2016 and reported basis that did not include funds from 2015 because the TTax question, "...basis as of 12/31/2015" was $0 since funds weren't entered until early 2016 (mistake?)  Should that basis be changed on 2015 taxes to reflect contribution amount?

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