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Retirement tax questions

Nothing about a Roth IRA contribution goes on your tax return at all unless it qualified you for the retirement savers credit (line 51 on the 1040 form and form 8880 would be part of the tax return).  If no 8880 form then there is nothing to clear up with the IRS.

Enter IRA contributions here:
Federal Taxes,
Deductions & Credits,
I’ll choose what I work on (if that screen comes up),
Retirement & Investments,
Traditional & Roth IRA contribution.

A Roth IRA contribution does not actually go on a tax return, but you should enter it anyway to:

1) Tell you if your income qualifies you for a contribution and warn you if it does not.
2) Check if your income exceeds the limit to contribute to a Roth.
3) Track your contribution year-to-year if you use TurboTax every year.
4) Add the Retirement Savers Credit if you qualify.

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