"In "Other Income"?" Generally, that would be whe...
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"In "Other Income"?"

Generally, that would be where you would enter the distribution since TurboTax Business does not contain a screen dedicated to the entry of information from a 1099-R. 

In most instances, following the procedures outlined below will give you the correct result.


Follow the steps below to enter the amount   on Form 1099-R (Box 2a) that is treated as ordinary income   :

1) Click the Federal Taxes tab and then click "Income".

2) Click the Start (or Update) button to the right of "Other income or loss".

3) On the Other Income page, enter "1099-R Box 2a" as the description (see first screenshot).

4) Enter the amount treated as ordinary income in Box 2a under "Amount" and click the Continue button.

5) Go into Forms mode (upper right side of screen). 

6) Under "Forms in My Return" (upper left side of screen), look for "Form 1041" and click that form.

7) Ensure that the Box 2a amount appears on Form 1041, Line 8, Other income. (see second screenshot).

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