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How to deal with a 1099-G?

Received a 1099-G from the State of Wisconsin for 2018. I received money from a non-qualified pension plan from which taxes were supposed to have been collected in the State of Arkansas for 2017. The distribution agent somehow used my old address from when I was still living in Wisconsin over 2 years prior (2015) when filing the W-2. I had to obtain a corrected W-2 from the distribution agent and file it with the State of Arkansas for my 2017 tax return. I also had to file a non-resident tax form with the State of Wisconsin to recover all of the funds erroneously paid to Wisconsin by the distribution agent. I reported the full amount in Arkansas for 2017, and paid taxes accordingly.  My question is how to deal with this 1099-G form from Wisconsin. It shows up on the 1099-G form as a tax refund. Since I reported the income to the State of Arkansas last year, am I going to be hit for taxes again in Arkansas for the “refund” as shown by Wisconsin? How do I deal with this so I do not get ta ed again for 2018?