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Retirement tax questions

I contributed $5500 in January 2018 for 2017 tax year, and then converted it to Roth. Later in December 2018 I again contributed $5500 but now for 2018 tax year, and converted that to Roth also. My 1099-R shows Gross Distribution of $11000. Is that correct or should this be $5500 because only that amount was for tax year 2018? 

If I remember it correctly, I already reported the January 2018 Roth conversion when I filed the 2017 tax in April 2018.  If I enter the full $11000 amount, wouldn't I be double reporting?

TurboTax automatically downloaded the 1099-R from my brokerage, so I didn't need to enter anything.  I followed the on-screen direction, and selected "I rolled over the money to a Roth IRA".  Do I need to do anything else?  Which tax schedule should I check to ensure all these are being recorded properly before I formally file?