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Retirement tax questions

Here is some helpful information regarding obtaining a copy of you 1099-R.. Hope this helps..

You should have a copy of the 1099R form from 2015 in your TurboTax Timeline from last year. 

1) After entering your return by logging into your TurboTax account, go to Tax Timeline and find your 2015 return.

2) Enter your return, and then type forms under the search box, and it should take you to that form in your return 

OR follow the steps in the included article.

If you are wanting to see the various forms included in your tax return you can pull your return up to preview it. This will allow you to preview your forms and go over them.

Once you have logged into your TurboTax online account

1.      Click on the Taxes tab at the top left-hand corner of screen

2.      Click Download/Print Return link—in the bottom right-hand corner of screen—next to the tax year you want to print

3.      A pop-up will come up and the first option is to Print forms sent to government (recommended)

4.      If you click the drop-down arrow to right of choice box you will get two more choices:

  • Forms files with the government PLUS all worksheets
  • All Forms

See entire answer

If you are not able to locate this form, please call the IRS at the number within this link and request a copy of your form.  

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