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Entering W-2 and SSA 1099-SM

I started receiving benefits from SSA since July 2015 and I still continue working for the same Company. Now I have a Form W-2 from my job and a SSA 1099-SM from SS. I do not no how to declare or file them. I need help please
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Retirement tax questions

Please see the steps below to enter both documents. The software will make the required calculations based on the information you enter. Please ensure all information is entered and all boxed are checked in the software the same as they appear on your W-2's and SSA-1099.

Your SSA-1099-SM the SM stands for Self Mailer and is entered in the same place as a SSA-1099 form.

- Click on the Federal Taxes  (Personal, in Home & Business product)
- Click on Wages & Income  (Personal Income, in Home & Business product)
- Click on [I'll Explore on my own] OR (I’ll choose what I work on) if it’s showing
- Scroll down that screen (page) to (Retirement Plans and Social Security)
- Under the above is Social Security (SSA-1099, RRB-1099) Click on Start or Update
- There's a little round button (Yes, let’s work on social security benefits) Check that button then Click (Continue)
- Next Screen (Tell Us About the Benefits You Received) Check (Social Security benefits SSA-1099)
- You will see where you can enter
1. Box 5 - Total Net Benefits:  Total Net Benefits, are (Box 3 minus Box 4) on your SSA-1099
2. Box 6 - Federal Tax Withheld

To enter you W-2 information.

For more information on the SSA-1099

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