Level 13

Retirement tax questions

May I assume that this is an employer (or former employer) who is paying your HDHP insurance premiums and reporting it on a W-2? (this is the usual case).  Or is this a second W-2 that you were given because they did not include the code W on the initial W-2? (also happens).

If this is for your insurance premiums, you will need to enter the W-2 as is. However, I don't believe that you will be able to e-file with no Wages in box 1, so you either put $1 dollar in box 1 or you print and mail your return.

If this is a second W-2 because the first one was incomplete, then just add this code W entry and amount to your first W-2 and do not add a second W-2.

In either case, if you previously added the code W amount as a direct ("personal") contribution on the screen headed "Let's enter [name]' HSA contributions" (see screenshot below) on the second line, please zero that entry out. You cannot report an employer contribution that way.