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Retirement tax questions

Please make sure you only entered the information in the 1099-R income section and not in the contribution section (Deduction & Credits). 

Please be aware that a conversion from Traditional to Roth IRA will result in the taxable income unless you had non-deductible contributions in the trad. IRA.

To enter the 1099-R distribution/conversion: 

  1. Click "Personal Income" on the top
  2. Click "I'll choose what to work on"
  3. Scroll down and click "Start" next to "IRA, 401(k), Pension Plan (1099-R)
  4. Answer "Yes" to the question "Did You Have Any of These Types of Income?"
  5. Click "I'll Type it Myself"
  6. Choose "Form 1099-R, Withdrawal of Money from 401(k) Retirement Plans, Pensions, IRAs, etc."
  7. Click "Continue" and enter the information from your 1099-R
  8. Answer questions until you get to “What Did You Do With The Money” and choose “I moved it to another retirement account
  9. Then choose “did a combination of rolling over, converting or cashing out.”
  10. Enter "$39,160" in "Amount converted to Roth IRA account"

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