TurboTax Penalizing my IRA to Roth IRA conversion....
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TurboTax Penalizing my IRA to Roth IRA conversion. Why?

In 2018, I had Schwab convert $44,000 from my Traditional IRA to my Roth IRA. Schwab filed a 1099-R for the conversion. A total of $4,400 (10%) was sent to IRS and $440 sent to State as withholding tax, making a total of $39,160 converted into the Roth IRA.

But Turbo Tax is calling this an "Excess Contribution" for 2018, and says the IRS will levy severe fines for this conversion. What am I missing? The 1099-R form has been uploaded successfully into TurboTax. I followed the step-by-step instructions. But TurboTax doesn't know that this $39,160 was a conversion.

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