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Retirement tax questions

Thank you. My issue was a RMD and indirect rollover (moved to another account within 60 days) on one 1099R (all code 7 distribution). The 1099R is correct; Turbo Tax asks if the distribution was a full or partial RMD but assumes the difference between the distribution amount and the RMD amount is a distribution. It does not prompt a question about whether or not the difference was rolled over (just if it went to a charity or HSA) so it calculated taxes on the full amount. If I entered the rollover amount as a separate 1099R with a rollover code it works, but I was advised to enter the information exactly as it appears on the 1099R.  I never heard back from Turbo Tax (other than the desktop version works) so I used H&R Block with no issues. It handled my rollover correctly.