My small business receives payments through Shopif...
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My small business receives payments through Shopify; they do not offer a 1099 form to those generating less than 20k in sales, so I am unsure how to enter this income

My small business generated more than $600 in sales, but less than Shopify's $20k threshold in order to receive a 1099. I am unsure how/where to report this income properly without a form.
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You can enter under ''General or Additional Income''.  Either one of these categories are for reporting cash, check, 1099-K, or other income not reported to you on a 1099-MISC.   I have attached images of examples and instructions to get here. 

In Self-Employed Advanced (business tab):  You may skip through some of this if you have your business already set-up.  

  • Click Business tab at top, then Continue
  • How do you want to enter your business income?, then I'll choose what I work on
  • Business Income and Expenses, click Start/Update
  • Did you have any income and expenses for a business in 2016?, click Yes
  • First, let's confirm your business name and address, click Continue
  • Enter Business Information, click Continue
  • Tell us about your business, click Continue
  • Enter Employer ID Number, If Any, click Continue
  • Do you use the cash method of accounting to run your business?, click Continue
  • Did you make any payments that required you to issue a form 1099?, click Continue
  • Do any of these uncommon situations apply to your business?, click Continue
  • Let's confirm your business info, click Continue
  • Your Business page - Edit 
  • Go to Business Income - Start/Edit
  • General Income - Start
  • Type in your description (Income from Shopify) and amount received.  

If using Self-Employed  (no business tab)

  • Federal Taxes
  • Income & Expenses
  • Self-Employment
  • Answer Yes to 'Did you have any Self-Employment Income or Expenses'
  • Go through the business screens
  • Add any income - Yes
  • Additional Income - not received on 1099-MISC (add Shopify Income)
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