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I repaid SS benefit 9/16 ;received SSA-1099 to find that Box 4 does not have my repay amt. How shud I report benefit? Will SSA update its record n new SSA-1099 be sent?

The problem I am facing is that Box 4 of SSA-1099 (which I received 1/5/17) does not show the amount ($30K)  I repaid in Sept 2016 but Box 5 still shows I had received $30K. It seems SSA is late in updating my account.

Should I go ahead entering the amount ($30K) in Box 4 when I prepare my filing in Turbo Tax or just leave it blank. If I enter the amount in Box 4, an audit may be triggered because figures between SA-1099 and my filing mismatches.

Please advise. Thanks