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Retirement tax questions

DO NOT OVERRIDE WHAT IS ON THE FORM - you are asking for more trouble!!!!! Let's fix this issue now and avoid real issues much later! 


those forms were sent by the trustee to the IRS and if you report it wrong, the TT warentee is invalidated - they will not cover any additional taxes or penalties that you may suffer. 


Let me see if I can help you out.  Please answer the questions below for EACH 1099 you received. 


1) are you under or over 59.5 years old? (I suspect you are over 70.5 since you mentioned an RMD)

2) what code is in Box 7? and is the IRA / SEP box checked? 

3) is the amount in Box 2a zero or some other figure (I don't need to know what that dollar figure is)

4) if box 2a is not zero, does it match box 1? (again, I don't need to know the exact dollar figure)


please answer this for each 1099 you have.