My business donated $10,000 cash to a nonprofit or...
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My business donated $10,000 cash to a nonprofit organization. Which contributions limits should I use. A. Cash Contributions 60% or G. Contributions 100%? Please help.

I am at the part of Turbotax where it is asking for Charitable contribution entry and there is a list to choose from.  A. Cash Contributions (60%)...... and the last entry is G. Contributions (100%). 

What are these percentages mean and which one is  the most appropriate for my situation. 

Please help.  thank you so much in advance.

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Retirement tax questions

Thank you so much for you response.  It looks like you are an exert in this tax area and I am just learning about it.  If you don't mind, can you please explain what the various different percentages mean and why in my situation, a 60% limitation is most appropriate.  Thank you again.
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