Thanks for your response, but it does not answer t...
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Retirement tax questions

Thanks for your response, but it does not answer the question. Why does Turbotax not recognize k-1 income as earned income? I am self employed. In lieu of salary I take dividend payments for my hours worked. Yet this is NOT considered earned income? Your answer states "money earned by services I perform". I was paid for services performed via a k-1. Copied from the "learn more" link on the page telling me I cannot contribute; " You can make a partial Roth IRA contribution if your modified AGI falls within:
- 118,000 to 133,000 for all other filing statuses (single)"

That is where my income falls.

Your answer also does not address the second part of my question regarding the later "advertising" that I may be able to contribute to an IRA if I start one via Why is Turbotax telling me on one screen that I cannot contribute, and on another telling me I might be able to? It seems Intuit, who owns, is just trying to get my money to open an IRA when it has already told me I can't. To me this is not good salesmanship.
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