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Retirement tax questions

Here's where to report your 1099-G for unemployment or paid family leave.

If you're using the TurboTax mobile app, follow these instructions.

Unemployment compensation and paid family leave are entered in the same place:

  1. Open or continue your tax return.

  2. Search for 1099-G and select the Jump to link at the top of the search results.
  3. On the "Did you receive unemployment or paid family leave benefits in 2020?" screen, answer Yes.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your 1099-G information.

 If your 1099-G has amounts in Box 2, follow these instructions:

  1. With your return open in TurboTax, search for 1099–G (don't forget the dash!) and then select the Jump to link at the top of your search results.
  2. This will take you to Did you have any of these types of income? Answer Yes.
  3. On the following screen, check the first box State or local income tax refunds and continue.
  4. Answer Yes to Did you get a state or local tax refund?
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