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Retirement tax questions

There are two different approaches to producing Form 1099-MISC and accompaning Form 1096 Transmittal using TurboTax.

The simplest is to use the online service that is available called Quick Employer Forms which not only produces Form 1099-MISC but also W-2, 1099-INT and 1099-DIV.

The link to get you started is here, but realize that all your employee data for your 1099-MISC recipients will be stored online only.

As a purchaser of either TurboTax Business or Home&Business, you can use this link and sign in with the log-in used to either purchase the product or to register, or to access support.

Alternatively, you can do all Form 1099-MISC/1096 work, except printing, on your computer and then go online to QEF to electronically transmit the 1099-MISC Copy A& 1096 [note these forms require printing on red-inked forms which is why it makes sense to do  online submittal]

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