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Retirement tax questions

The insured person on the policy is our Father.  My brother and I are both owners of the whole life policy.  We are cancelling the policy to cash it out.  The insurance company stated they would issue the 1099 under my social thus reporting the whole taxable amount under me.  I have inquired with them that the proceeds be split 50/50 and the 1099R as well so there is no IRS mess.  But they stated that with multi-owners they usually send the proceeds to 1 person even if multiple owners exist and that 1 person then distributes the proceeds accordingly and then is also responsible for informing the IRS of additional nominees of the proceeds as well as who else is responsible for their portions of the taxable amount.   I am trying to avoid that with them and just have it all split from the get go.  But if they can't or won't, I need a backup plan knowing how to nominate my brother for tax purposes.  This is where I am lost.  How do I do that once I receive the 1099R from them and how in Turbo Tax do I indicate a nominee so I am not stuck paying taxes on 100% of what's on the 1099R form.