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The working interest depletion gets entered when you enter your box 20 code T information.  The royalty interest depletion is automatically entered on a Schedule E that gets created when you enter the K-1 with royalty income.  You'll need to find that Schedule E in the Rental Properties and Royalties section, and edit it to answer that the royalty is an oil and gas royalty.  At that point, TurboTax will automatically enter 15% depletion for the royalty income, but you change the amount for depletion in that "box".  Click the "Learn more" link on that page where depletion is entered if you want more information.


For the working interest amounts reported on your Form 1065 Schedule K-1 for box 20 code T, the choice you will need to make is whether you want to use either cost or percentage depletion for all 4 properties, or instead choose cost depletion for some of the properties, and percentage depletion for the others.


If you are using either cost or percentage depletion for all of the properties, you can add the amounts for the 4 properties together, and enter as if if was one property. 


If you want to make that "cost or percentage" decision on a property by property basis, you will at a minimum need one additional separate K-1 for that same partnership, so that one K-1 reports only the box amounts for properties for which you are choosing cost depletion, and the separate K-1 reports the box amounts for the properties for which you are using percentage depletion.


Once you enter your code T and amount on the "box 20" screen, you'll make the choice between cost and percentage depletion on a subsequent screen in the TurboTax K-1 entry questions.


Here are the instructions given in TurboTax for box 20, code T:


"Using the information supplied with the K-1, enter the cost depletion amount, if provided, on the K-1 Additional Information worksheet Box 20, Other Information section for Code T, line 1. On lines 2a and 2b of that worksheet, enter the gross income from oil and gas and calculate and enter the percentage depletion amount based on the information supplied. The program will deduct the greater of the cost or percentage depletion amounts."

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