Level 15

Investors & landlords

Bottom line is, the lender recognizes only those listed on the loan and the title as the legal owners, and only they are legally liable for the payments. However, the lender doesn't really care where the payments come from, so long as the payments are made.  Heck, they wouldn't care if the mortgage payment came from Prince Nigel in Nigeria, so long as the check cleared. So there's no problem with the check coming from your multi-member LLC.
However, the bank will issue the 1099-Mortgage Interest Statement to the owners, not the LLC. But if whoever reviews the return at the IRS is paying attention, then it shouldn't be a problem when the LLC claims the interest and property taxes and insurance payments, if the LLC is registered with one of the owners of the property. You should make sure that "YOUR" SSN is the one the EIN for the LLC is  registered with.
Do understand that with this setup and depending on the state the LLC is registered in, you could be in violation of the mortgage terms and it's possible the lender could call you on that - which could be quite costly.