jtax~I have 1 more question for you (or anyone tha...
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jtax~I have 1 more question for you (or anyone that can help)~

I thought I was all set once I got the cost of the stock.
Like I said, it increases my total net by $800 instead of $12,000.

What has me worried NOW is the fact that once I enter this (and the other 2 stock numbers), I am getting a Federal refund of $4,700-ish.
Can that be possible??
Had I not had these stocks, I was prepared to OWE the Federal about $1,000 as I did not make quarterly payments last year.
So that makes this refund even HUGER.

The image I am referring to is the 1 above, on the LEFT.

Thanks again, in advance!!!

Had I known this when I was given the cost, I would have asked then.
The person that helped me find the cost was a financial adviser that worked with me as I was planning on transferring these stocks to his company.
He did say it would raise the refund a bit.
A "bit" can be looked at many different ways depending on whose wallet that "bit" enters. 🙂
Because I have made some costly decisions in other areas of my life this week and wasn't confident in making any more, I canceled today's meeting @2:00.
Not sure he'd be happy to assist me with this additional question.
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