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Update. My sister got a letter in the mail that neither my other sister nor I got.
I have to send this in a message from my cell  because my computer broke down yesterday while I was doing my taxes.
I hope I correct all typos prior to sending!

Dear former Johnson Control Inc shareholder,
The merger of Johnson Controls Inc and Tyco International PLC was completed on September 2nd 2016.
Shareholders of Johnson Control Inc as of the close of business on September 2nd 2016 received ordinary share and or cash of the combined company Johnson Control International PLC in exchange for Johnson Control Inc common stock.
The receipt of combined company ordinary shares and or cash is a taxable transaction for United States federal income tax purposes.
Wells Fargo Services has not determined whether you are entitled to the sale or exchange treatment pursuant to section 302 of the Internal Revenue code in light of your particular facts and circumstances with respect to any portion of the merger consideration treated as a distribution.
All shareholders are urged to consult with their Tax Advisor as to the particular consequences of the exchange of Johnson Controls Inc common stock pursuant to the merger.

I am absolutely beside myself!
What is a Tax Advisor?
An accountant?
I don't have an accountant.
Why would an accountant know anything about whether or not we are "allowed" to have the stock?
I would assume you would actually call Wells where the stocks are or the Johnson Controls stock.
Also, this happened on September 2nd and we close the estate on September 9th.
I may be completely wrong but it almost sounds like they gave us money the way it sounds on the beginning of the letter.
We got monthly dividends of about $20 for about three or four months but that was it.(?)
And last but not least, why would we not be entitled to have these shares if we inherited them?

I just don't understand any of it.
I hope somebody can shed a little light on this for me please?

Again thank you in advance!