My sister was the executor of the will and she had...
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My sister was the executor of the will and she had the stocks split 3 ways and not 1 of us has touched them.
I have been busting my brain cells for 1 solid week (using online programs, Googling the question not to mention the anxiety) that I must not have had 1 left to figure out who to call!
I have had the same accountant for 9 years and he "fired" me (I'm assuming because I did my own last year(?) so he won't even look at my forms I sent him and offered to pay him for.
He does my sisters taxes which may have helped but she hasn't even sent them in yet.  
These are at Wells Fargo Share Owners Services and I didn' think they'd be open today but when they answered, it said there would be quite a wait as they were very busy.
I wasted a few minutes pushing buttons when prompted to finally get the message that they were in fact, not open.

I SO appreciate the replies!!!
I was so happy at the ease of using this program and this has just boggled my mind!
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