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Is TurboTax correctly calculating cost basis for RSUs?

I have a question about RSU cost basis.  I did see one question kinda like mine,and the answer was to delete the row with the issue, and enter it manually, but I want to see if my case is the same.  In my case, shares were witheld for tax purposes.  Over a year later I am selling the shares (all in that lot).  My brokerage reports the cost basis based on how many shares I netted, at the price on the day they were vested.  But TurboTax is calculating the cost basis based on the tax I paid.   

Example:  20 shared distributed, 8 withheld to cover taxes.  Assume $10 per share. 

So, my brokerage account would say my cost basis is (20-8)*10= $120, but TurboTax is calculating my basis as 8*10= $80.  So, which is correct?  I am assuming the brokerage is correct, if that is true, how do I fix it in TurboTax?

Also, what is on my 1099-B is different than the supplemental stock plan detail, and TurboTax is asking about the supplemental details. 

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