It depends.  On the surface you may believe that y...
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It depends.  On the surface you may believe that you have a loss, but when it comes to sales of rental income there are hidden taxable amounts that may require you to file a return for NY.  One of the main items is depreciation recapture.  Please see this link that describes this in detail:

Depreciation recapture occurs whether or not you actually took depreciation on your home while you rented it.  Because of this, you very likely have a taxable event on the rental home despite the apparent loss on the sale.  In this FAQ, you can see how TurboTax will help you to determine this:

If you have anything taxable on the Federal Return, you will want to file a New York return even if the event has zero tax in NY.  New York is very aggressive in enforcing tax rules, so I do recommend reporting it now to avoid difficulties later.

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