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@Taxpayers:  2nd question first -- you shouldn't have deleted the box 2 ETP K-1, even though there was nothing there for 2017.  The reason is that, just like losses from one PTP can't be used to offset income from a different PTP, losses from one type of passive activity (e.g., box 2) can't be used to offset gains from another type of passive activity (e.g., box 1).  So those box 2 losses just sit there until a) you have box 2 income or b) you sell the PTP.

On the first question, I've found it easier to combine suspended losses in the following year because there's a very clear spot in the interview where it asks for input (do you have prior year losses), there's no overrides necessary to do it there, and I can't delete the K-1 for the PTP that's going away this year anyway.  So its going to be there next year when TT inports it, and I'll still have to remember what to do with its passive losses.

There's probably some way to handle it this year without causing problems, but I haven't looked for it.  I just put a note into my "next year" tax file about the need to make the combination.