One more thing I want to verify is whether I shoul...
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One more thing I want to verify is whether I should always adjust the passive loss suspended when the K-1 for a PTP changes from one year to the next. For instance, in tax year 2016, I created a K-1 for ETP for data in box 2, and there were passive losses suspended for that year. However, in 2017, ETP did not report anything in Box 2, so I deleted the K-1 that was imported from tax year 2016, without carrying the losses forward. Should I have adjusted the passive loss carryover for the other K-1 I had for the same ETP PTP to include those losses from a different activity (Net Rental Real Estate Income/Loss)? And should I always attempt to find a place to carry any losses forward in TT so that I have a record of the losses when it comes time to use them?
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