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Okay, this is definitely becoming clearer. Actually, I never owned SXL outside of ETP. It was a separate PTP reported on my ETP MLP K-1. However, they did merge in 2017, and neither SXL nor PTXP was reported as "disposed", so I think this must mean that they were both "absorbed". In that case, it seems like I should adjust my 2018 ETP passive loss suspended to include the passive losses suspended for those entities. Similarly, the passive losses suspended in the 2016 tax year for SUN Box 2 Net Rental Real Estate Income (Loss), as well as the losses suspended for ETP for Box 2 activity, should probably also be rolled into the passive losses suspended for the primary ETP K-1 in 2018, because these entities were never "disposed"?

One last question: If I adjust the passive loss suspended for the K-1s that TT pulled in from my 2017 return, and I indicate that these are "final" K-1s (there are two K-1s for ETP and one for USAC - both of which appear to be continued as separate entities in the ET MLP tax package), can I also adjust the suspended losses in the K-1s created for both ETP and USAC under the ET umbrella this year so that the numbers will be imported correctly next year when I begin my 2019 tax returns? This way, my 2018 tax return will still contain K-1s for those entities being reported as "final" and "disposition was not via sale". And I won't have to remember next year to adjust the numbers if I already have the numbers corrected in the new ETP and USAC K-1s.