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Worth filing for 21 year old college student?

This is the first year that I cannot claim my 21 year old daughter as a dependent. This is due to her taking loans and paying tuition for grad school on her own. Accordingly, I removed her from being listed as a dependent on our return.


Here's what she's got:

  • W-2s totaling about $2,000 (with only about $30 withheld for federal taxes)
  • 1098-T totaling about $19,000

To keeps things simple for the purpose of this question, let's assume that's the whole picture. And it's my understanding if a single person earns under $12,400, they don't need to file.


Would the picture presented above get her a sizable refund or am I wasting my time to file for her?

How would I determine whether I need to file a state (IL) return for her, as well?