TurboTax does not wipe out old recipient name + SS...
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TurboTax does not wipe out old recipient name + SS# when re-using a suggested 1099Q issuer, even though you select which student it is for?

The interface for finding and entering 1099Q and 1098T information is terrible.  It is especially difficult to find where to enter the 1098T information.  Now I find (after having already submitted my taxes) that the 1099Q forms that were submitted to the IRS have the name and SS# of my oldest son on them, though I haven't had a 1099Q for him in years!  When you click on a link for a 1099Q issuer from last year to say that you got one from them this year, TurboTax asks who this 1099Q is for, but it is not wiping out the old Recipient Name and SS #.  I looked back at last year, and it did the same thing back then too.  It would be so much simpler and intuitive if TT gave a blank form for you to fill out with all of the 1099Q and 1098T information, and then went on from there to ask whatever other questions it needed answers to.
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