American Opportunity Credit
Level 2

American Opportunity Credit

While using TT Deluxe and doing the education expense section, for a foreign school/college you can manually enter the name of the school.

The question in TT asks for Filer's federal ID number.

Entering an incorrect number the text that shows up says:


"Type in an Employer Identification Number"


Is this a discrepancy in the TT software?

Isn't the Filer the person filing his/her taxes, say myself for example? I assume this is not the social security, but assume it must be the school federal ID number.


Please clarify this.

The AOTC won't be claimed because the foreign school doesn't have a federal ID number, they do show in FAFSA with a Federal School Code G12811, but no Federal ID number. I guess we will miss this credit  :(

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