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Room & Board Expenses -- where to enter

Where in TurboTax do I enter the total I paid in 2019 for college room & board for my Daughter #1, if I don’t have a 1098-T for her?  I’ve queried this question and seen answers that say you don’t enter room & board payments in TurboTax, but I am seeing otherwise.  My Daughter #2 in college received a 1098-T for 2019, and when I entered that info into TurboTax, it also allowed me to enter what I paid for both room & board and books.


However, not the case for Daughter #1.  She attended her final college semester in Spring 2019 and then graduated.  In 2019, I withdrew funds from her 529 account to pay for room & board and her books.  I did not receive a 1098-T for 2019 from her college, because I paid her tuition and fees for her final semester in December of 2018.  In the 1098-T section of TurboTax, I entered NO to the question "Did you receive a 1098-T?"  The screen that came up next then gave me a place to enter what I paid for her books, but not the room & board.  


In an earlier section of TurboTax, I entered the 1099-Q info for both daughters' 529 accounts, showing the total amount of funds for qualified education expenses that I withdrew in 2019.  If I cannot enter anywhere in TurboTax the amount I paid for room & board for Daughter #1, won’t TurboTax think I withdrew more money from her 529 than I used to pay for qualified education expenses, and then charge me taxes and a 10% penalty on the earnings portion of the money I withdrew to pay her room & board?