I claimed daughter on my taxes and her 1098t. She ...
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I claimed daughter on my taxes and her 1098t. She used scholarship money for room and board and needs to claim it as income. Does she use the 1098t with her taxes too?

When I put in my 18 year old daughter's 1098-t in my wife and my taxes it asked how much from her scholarships and grants were for room and board. When I put in the dollar amount is said she would need to claim that amount as income on her taxes. Does that mean she would just use the same 1098-t form with her taxes? It seems odd that we would both use the same form on both of our taxes. We claimed her on our taxes so it makes sense to use it with our taxes and it gives us a nice refund, but when we put it in hers she would owe since she only had a summer job and didn't have much for taxes taken out. It puts the amount as unearned income. So do we both use the form or is the money used for room and board reported somewhere else on her taxes?

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